The products and services we offer satisfy the customer in terms of timing and cost. ADAKA Adana Kağıt Torba San. ve Tic. A.Ş.’S PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY.

Our Quality and Food Safety Policy

  • To fulfill and continuously improve the requirements of the QUALITY and FOOD SAFETY management systems established with the cooperation of all employees,

  • To offer the most suitable product for the needs of our customers at the most affordable cost and in the fastest way,

  • To produce bags in accordance with legal regulations and appropriate quality and food safety conditions mutually agreed with customers,

  • To control the risks that threaten food safety during raw material supply, production, storage and shipment stages,

  • To provide training opportunities to our employees to increase their competencies,

  • Seeing the point reached in customer satisfaction as sufficient, aiming at continuous improvement, efficiency, profitability in its products and services.

General Manager

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